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Bagger – INTEC BC06

sweet potatoes

INTEC BC06 Bagger - 00

The INTEC BC06 bagger is a large capacity bag filler, specially designed for fruit and vegetables. This machine simplifies manual placement of  bags, extracting them from the exit belt while already packed and stitched. This bagger is controlled by an electronic system that is able to self-adjust the type of package and its dimensions. Its production is totally linked to the product dosage machine and the bag placement ability. The mechanical capacity could reach up to 15 bags/minute.

  • Stitching Machine: The INTEC BC06 stitching bench has a very new system to facilitate maximum accessibility to the stitching head. This system lets us displace the whole head towards the outside of the chassis which allows for maximum accessibility to change consumables and for easy stitching machine maintenance.
  • Double Traction: We divide the machine with two motors in order to extract each filled bag at a much higher speed than the stitching speed which frees the mouth earlier and optimizes the bag placement time.
  • Accessibility: In the BC06 design, we have taken into account bag accessibility and visibility throughout its route, avoiding the greatest number of optical obstacles.
  • Mouth Synchronization: The function of this synchronization is to ensure that the holders and the bags are well centered during product discharge. This means that bag displacement along the machine is much more vertical, improving the stitching line.
  • Mouth Formation: Stretching the bag mouth before displacement guarantees less fatigue in the stitching machine, better final bag aspect and much more constant bag displacement.
  • Transport Holder Arm Synchronization: The transport holder arms offer us great improvements when placing the recently filled bags onto the conveyor belts.
  • Arm Adjustment: The arm system allows us to adjust the width and length of the bag mouth.

Visit Intecpal at www.intecpal.com/en/.

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INTECPAL are specialists in palletizing, bagging and wrapping equipment. Their mission is to design and manufacture the type of machinery that the agro-industrial sector requires, meeting the mechanical, electrical and pneumatic specifications appropriate for each project.


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