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Case Packers

CP 505

CP 505

The CP 505 is an automatic case packer designed to count, orient and fill bags of product into RPC, plastic crates or cardboard boxes.

CP 505 features include:

  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable box height
  • Under box vibrator
  • Color touchscreen control
  • Storable programs for different box counts and patterns
  • Safety interlock doors
  • Automatic folding of crate stack handles

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About EMVE

We develop, manufacture and market equipment for the potato, vegetable and food industry. The EMVE brand guarantees high quality, service and reliability-function based on the latest technology. Our machines are shipped all over the world and for many different applications. One day, we deliver equipment to a potatoe chip-plant in India, the next day we send our own technicians to install packaging machines at a customer site somewhere in Europe or in the United States.