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Wicketed Baggers

INTEC Bag Applier 06

sweet potatoes

INTEC Bag Applier 06 - 3

The INTEC Bag Applier 06 applies bags automatically to the stitching benches’ filling mouth. These machines are totally synchronized in order to maximize placement times. They also have the special feature of being able to detect bag defects and avoid discharges without recipients.

The bag magazine has a trolley format and is loaded manually with a capacity up to 200-300 bags depending on the bag type. The INTEC Bag Applier has a special feature that enables the machine to keep running while one magazine is left free to be filled again or with another type of bag.

Bag separation is carried out using suction pads, and for displacement we use holding tongs that ensure the bags’ position on route towards the mouth. We also use suction pads to open the bag and leave it in a perfect position so that the mouth holding arms can be inserted with maximum care. It is during this displacement that we detect the bag’s perfect conditions in order to prevent the product from spilling out of the packaging.

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INTECPAL are specialists in palletizing, bagging and wrapping equipment. Their mission is to design and manufacture the type of machinery that the agro-industrial sector requires, meeting the mechanical, electrical and pneumatic specifications appropriate for each project.