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Flow Wrapping Machines


P325E Flow Wrapper

Redpack’s P325E is an industry leading Horizontal Flow Wrapping machine that has been designed for versatility and easy configuration to suit all Flow Wrapping applications.

P325E Benefits:

  • Precision engineered components housed in a stainless steel fabrication
  • 24/7 production capability
  • Servo drive system that is simple for operators to use for adjustment to the required bag length and film print position
  • 50 product settings that automatically change the bag length, print registration, end crimp slow down, in feed position, machine speed, and printed code and label position
  • 20 – 250 packs per min.
  • Cantilever design to enhance hygienic cleaning and improve maintenance access
  • Quick change product fold box
  • Quick release reel handling mechanism
  • Three sets of seam crimp rollers – first set cold, second set heated, third set film turnover
  • Seam crimp release to prevent film melt when the machine stops
  • Rotary end crimp with jaw centers to suit product requirement and knife and anvil with fine
    adjustment for parallelism
  • Precision temperature controllers for the seam crimp and end crimp heaters
  • Sealed seam crimp and end crimp electrical slip rings
  • End crimp timed stop to prevent film melt when the machine is stationary
  • Perforated steel end crimp guarding with gas spring support for operator safety

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About Redpack

Redpack Packaging Machinery designs and manufactures Flow Wrapping and Packaging Machinery. Our markets include industries such as fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, snack foods, household products, bakery, greeting cards, gifts and toys, etc. With a brand stretching back over 35 years our flow wrapping design follows tried and tested techniques. Despite this each application brings its own unique requirements for custom designed features.